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By Lomray software

All companies need a successful business name. You can get inspired with our free online business name generator.

How does the business name generator work?


Enter keywords and associations with your company's main focus or industry. It helps our company name generator create unique options to name your business.


Our free business name search tool combines this text and provides unique options for your startup, website, or app name.


Check the unique business name ideas and choose the most suitable options!

A perfect name determines the main essence of your brand and describes your business idea

–°reating a name that reflects you is a difficult task. Free business name generator makes it easy! It helps you find the best names suitable for the requirements of your business or inspires creative ideas for your app, website, company, or startup.

  • 1

    Company name generator

    A business name is a big part of building a brand. The cool name makes an impression and is remembered by customers and users. We will help you come up with a name that is the start of developing your brand, increasing awareness and scaling your ideas!

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    Website name generator

    The name of your website influences the first impression of your customers. Don't miss the opportunity to find creative name ideas in our generator! We create names from several keywords that help build a positive image in the minds of your users.

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    App name generator

    App success starts with the right and unique name! Users should easily find, recognize and remember your app. You can use our free online name generator and get over 100 ideas of names that reflect the application concept and attract people.

Just do it in our creative business name generatoran online source of the best name for your companies,startups, websites and apps!

How to create a business name?

When you are trying to define how to name an app or company there are several important points to pay attention to. Use our advice and choose the best one offered by the online brand name generator.

  • unique unique

    You must think several steps ahead. First of all, ensure that you can create a domain name, and create such a nickname in social networks and the application store.

  • simple simple

    Searchability is a large advantage for a brand name! So check your name ideas in the search, and explore research queries of your users or potential users. It is a good way to choose the best name from the options by the business name generator.

  • catchy catchy

    A bright and memorable brand name helps to stand out and draw attention! Use the business name generator, and you can choose a name that will interest you and your clients at first sight.